Suspected drunk driver charged in West Dallas triple fatal crash: "I (expletive) up"

A 23-year-old man is facing intoxication manslaughter charges for a fatal crash that killed three people early Monday morning.

Dallas police believe Jose Arroyo had been drinking and was speeding in an SUV on Singleton Boulevard around 1:30 a.m. He allegedly ran a red light and hit another vehicle near North Hampton Road.

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Four members of the Deleon family were in the Toyota Camry that Arroyo hit.  Ernesto Deleon, 47, Ashley Deleon, 18, and Leslie Deleon, 19, were killed. Ashley and Leslie’s mother, Laura Sanchez-Quiroz is the sole survivor.

Arroyo is a repeat DWI offender. He was convicted last year on a DWI charge in Dallas County. Investigators are trying to determine where he was drinking before the accident and if he was at a bar or a nightclub and was overserved.

The Texas Alcohol Beverage Commission is now conducting what's called a source investigation.

“Anytime there's a fatal accident or serious injury where alcohol may be involved, TABC often works with local investigators to determine the source any alcohol leading to the accident,” said TABC spokesperson Chris Porter.

According to an arrest affidavit, a Dallas police officer on scene overheard Arroyo say "I don't want to be drunk no more.” He added: “I (expletive) up."

Arroyo refused to do a field sobriety test. But in the arrest report, the officer said Arroyo had bloodshot eyes, slightly slurred speech and could smell alcohol on his breath. Arroyo did consent to a blood draw at the hospital.

The TABC wants to know where Arroyo may have gotten alcohol before the fatal wreck. Arroyo had a passenger in the SUV with him who may be able to provide investigators with some answers.

“We can dispatch an investigator to meet up with the local investigator and collect evidence, find out if there's anything they've learned through interviews with the suspect that may implicate a TABC-licensed business,” Porter said.

18-year-old Ashley Deleon was part of a local dance group. The director said Ashley came out of her shell when she danced. He says the other dancers are devastated and at a loss for words.

“Something like this is very difficult for people to understand at any age, particularly at the age of these young girls and friends who have now suffered this loss,” said Susan Fletcher, a licensed psychologist.

Friends of the Deleon family say mom remains in the intensive care unit. They say she is unaware that her husband and two daughters died in the crash. Friends are helping raise money for funeral expenses.

Arroyo’s bond was set at $350,000.