Supreme Court order on Texas’ SB4 law expires Monday

The United States Supreme Court is expected to weigh in on a Texas law that would give police authority to arrest people suspected of crossing the border illegally. The law is on pause right now.

Senate Bill 4 allows police and other Texas law enforcement to arrest anyone they suspect of being in the country illegally.

The U.S. Justice Department and several civil rights groups sued to have it struck down, saying only the federal government has the right to enforce U.S. immigration law.

Gov. Greg Abbott and other supporters of SB4 say it seeks only to enforce existing federal law when it comes to preventing illegal immigration.

The governor added that Texas has the right to defend itself against what he calls an invasion on the southern border.


Texas: The Issue Is - Rep. Spiller on SB4, which would make illegal border crossing a state crime

FOX 4’s Steven Dial spoke to North Texas Rep. David Spiller about SB4, which would make illegal border crossing a state crime.

Earlier this month, the Supreme Court issued a temporary stay, blocking the law from taking effect.

That order from Justice Samuel Alito is set to expire Monday. If it is not extended, SB4 will go into effect on Monday.

The court is expected to announce on Monday if the law can take effect while lawsuits are working their way through the court system.