Some Fort Worth businesses offering freebies for teachers as they adjust to teaching remotely

Several Fort Worth coffee shops and restaurants are pitching in to say thank you to teachers who have been doing their jobs remotely.

Teachers are getting free food and coffee as part of an appreciation effort.

Five local businesses, including Buon Giorno Coffee Shop, are giving Fort Worth ISD teachers something for free, to say thank you.

“I mean, it’s awesome. I got my free coffee right here. Very excited about that,” 7th grade science teacher Johanna O'Reilly said.

It’s been two months since most teachers have seen their students inside of the classroom, and teaching from home has brought on new challenges.

From talking to parents.

“A little bit of a scarier text like, ‘Your student has not completed any work, please contact me immediately,’” O’Reilly said. “That’s when I get the most response.”

To student engagement.

“So that’s been a hard transition, a lot of things that are hands on, working with a partner, that’s harder to do online,” social studies teacher Mahika Jhangiani said.

To using Zoom for the first time.

“Well, with 6th graders, it’s been interesting. They never want to show their faces because they’re middle schoolers. Cause they’re still self-conscious,” Daggett Middle School science teacher Hannah Kiessling said.

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Kiessling said many of her students couldn’t get online until the district distributed thousands  of hotspots and ChromeBooks to families.

Now, she’s finding new lesson plans to fit the online classroom.

“Tomorrow, we’re doing like an experiment. So, I’m making slime for them on camera, and like all of the ingredients are, like, you can do it at home for $5,” she said.

Fifth grade teacher Carlos Paz said teaching online has been an adjustment for him as well, but he’s more focused on supporting the mental well-being of his students.

“Like, right now it’s just about being…providing like calm and peace at home for them,” Paz said.

And he said an afternoon coffee is a nice way to support his efforts.

“We do it for our kids, but you know it feels good to be appreciated, he added.”

List of Participating Locations:

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