Robbery victims testify in trial for Fort Worth Officer Garrett Hull’s murder

Timothy Huff stands trial for the murder of Fort Worth Officer Garrett Hull in 2018.

A Tarrant County jury heard tearful testimony from one of the victims of a gang of armed robbers.

Timothy Huff is one of the accused robbers. He’s also charged in the murder of Fort Worth Officer Garrett Hull.

Several witnesses took the stand Monday recounting the moments they were held up in a bar in the summer of 2018.


One cried as she talked through a translator about the terrifying moments.

"They asked we had arms in our house, and I told him no," Delia Velez said. "They said they were going to go in and if I yelled they were going to kill me. The other one had me covering my mouth pointing the gun at my head."

Officer Garrett Hull

Officer Hull was shot and killed as he and other officers confronted the serial robbery suspects. The man who shot him was killed by other officers. Huff and a third suspect were arrested.

Huff could face the death penalty if convicted of Officer Hull’s murder.