Rental electric scooters could be coming to Dallas streets

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At least two rideshare companies are working with the City of Dallas to add electric scooters to the mix of colorful bikes available to rent.

But first, LimeBike and Bird are trying to get rid of a city ordinance that bans motor scooters from streets and sidewalks.

Bird deals strictly with scooter rentals and said it has a plan to keep them from piling up around the city, one of the major complaints by those unhappy with the dockless bike rentals.

“We take them all off the street every single night so they don't stay out overnight,” said Matt Shaw, Director of Government Relations for Bird. “We take them off the street, we do a safety check on them, they get charged and they get put back in what we call nests in the morning. We put them in nice small groups out of the way."

LimeBike and Bird showed off their scooters in front of city hall on Wednesday morning.

Bird has scooters all over Southern California and LimeBike has scooters on streets in Washington, D.C., San Diego and the San Francisco Bay Area.