OSHA releases site of Dallas crane collapse; Crane can now be removed

OSHA has released the site of the crane that collapsed on a Dallas apartment complex last month.

Elan City Lights Apartments management and the crane company will now have to work out a plan to safely remove the crane. No date has been set for the removal.

It's been almost two months since a crane fell on the Elan City Lights Apartments, killing 29-year-old Kiersten Smith, and displacing hundreds of other residents.

Recovery teams started emptying apartments earlier this month, but there had been no specific date for when the crane would be removed because apartment management were waiting for the scene to be cleared by OSHA.

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People who used to live in the apartments have been frustrated by the lack of specific timeline for when the crane would be moved, and when they could get their belongings and vehicles back.

There have been lawsuits filed, including several former residents who filed together, claiming they've suffered both injuries and "invisible injuries," like PTSD and anxiety, asking for more than $1 million in relief.

Many of the residents say they can't get help from insurance companies because they can't prove any of their things are a total loss.