North Texas teachers prepare for the worst after Santa Fe shooting

The idea of arming teachers is being brought up again and a shooting center in Fort Worth offered a free course Saturday so teachers can learn what to do in an active shooter situation.

The focus of the class was not about how teachers can arm themselves on school campuses but focused instead on the fundamentals of firearms safety and other tools they can use if they find themselves in a crisis.

Nearly 60 teachers from across North Texas took advantage of the free training offered by the Defender Outdoors Gun Range in Fort Worth. The training included hands on self-defense classes, first aid and handgun safety and shooting fundamentals. Organizers say the goal is to educate and empower teachers and administrators while providing them with tools they can use in a crisis situation.

None of the teachers we talked to work for school districts that allow them to carry guns on school property. But the shooting at Santa Fe High School in South Texas once again sparked the debate about arming teachers.

"A lot of mixed feelings, where yes I will do anything to protect my children but does that mean... what if that is one of my kids that comes up?" said teacher Becki Cleese.

"I need to try to do everything I can to make the world a better place and if it means if I have to take down some guy that's coming in my classroom?  That's what I'm going to do,” said teacher Holly Harris.
Teachers say the lessons they learned made them more comfortable around firearms and a few of them plan to get their licenses to carry. The triage training, they say, can come in handy during any kind of emergency. The shooting center says security groups and churches have contacted them for training.

Starting Tuesday, Governor Gregg Abbott says there will be three days of round table discussions on how to curb school shootings. Abbott says the goal will be to craft policies to better protect students, teachers and schools.