North Texas brewery offering $1 beers to GameStop employees

As GameStop is in the news for the Wall Street frenzy over its stock price, Grapevine brewery Hop & Sting Brewing Co. decided to help out GameStop employees by offering them a beer for just $1.

"We want to show our full support to our wonderful neighbors @ GameStop," the brewery said in a Facebook post. "So until further notice, all #GameStop employees will get all their draft beers @ the Hop & Sting Brewery for just $1! (just show us some sort of proof you work for them)"

While employees at GameStop stores across the country haven't seen much of an impact from the surging stock prices, Hop & Sting Brewery is giving them a deal in the midst of all the craziness.

GameStop, whose headquarters is located about three miles away from the brewery, is in the midst of a historic week involving the stock market as trading volume has surged in shares of the video game company and other companies, like AMC and Bed Bath & Beyond, in an attempt to make Wall Street firms betting that those stocks would fall lose money.