North Texans continue to join tornado recovery effort in Midwest

North Texans are mobilizing to help with tornado disaster relief in multiple states while other organizations are standing by ready to help. 

A team of ten first responders with Texas Task Force One has been mobilized to head to the affected area in the Midwest and more may go as local teams assess the damage and figure out what is needed.

"Anytime we have a major disaster, we want to bring love, hope and healing to the people," said David Wells, Director of Disaster Relief, Texas Baptist Men.

Several teams of volunteers are already deployed to tornado damaged areas.

"Our partners in Arkansas, Tennessee, Missouri and Illinois are taking care of it with their own volunteers, but across Kentucky is asking for outside help," Wells said.

The Texas Baptist Men spent Monday morning getting supplies like tarps and chainsaws ready to send.

"We’ve got teams on the ground now. Southern Baptist Disaster Relief has teams on the ground. We’ll go as a supporting role with our chainsaw teams and some of our feeding equipment will go and help out there," Wells said.

The Texas Baptist Men plan to be on the ground helping for four to five weeks. They will send dozens of people to start, then switch out crews as needed. They hope to help with the physical cleanup needs, clearing fallen trees and debris, while also helping to heal the community.

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"At the same time we’re doing spiritual help, that’s what drives us is that spiritual help, that spiritual healing, the spiritual hope to people," Wells said. 

Texas Task Force One has been called to mobilize a team of ten to assist FEMA’s incident support team as well as state and local officials. A spokesperson tells FOX4 - the Red Cross already has teams in the area. 

Volunteers in North Texas are standing by in case they are needed. 

Devastating images across hundreds of miles – especially in Kentucky - show the need for help from across the country will be required for some time. 

"It’s similar to one of those events that will be talked about and felt for years to come," Wells said.

Local and state officials are still trying to assess the extent of the damage and help needed. More resources may be sent based on that need.

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