North Texans bracing for cold temperatures this weekend

Some North Texans have been stocking up on essential supplies ahead of the freezing temperatures, while others are reaching out to those who need a place to stay warm.

It’s going to be cold in North Texas this weekend.

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Peggy Hatcher bought groceries Saturday. She’s preparing to be inside a lot for a few days.

"Well, when I came in it wasn’t [cold], but now it is," Hatcher said. "I prefer it warmer than this."

A sure sign people are bracing for freezing temperatures is some out of stock items at hardware stores.

"Just any and everything cold weather related," Rooster Home and Hardware general manager Mark Serino said.

Rooster Home and Hardware in Northeast Dallas is seeing people purchasing space heaters, firestarter logs, handwarmers, and more.

"We’re absolutely running low on everything," Serino added.

They’re out of faucet covers, but an emergency shipment arrives Monday. The general manager said customers are reasonably on edge following last year’s freeze and power outage.

"I wouldn’t say the worst, but I would be thinking survival type of items as well," Serino said.

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While homeowners prepare, there’s concern for ones without a home.

"Well, [Saturday night] it’s going to be in the 20s, and so since we serve the unsheltered homeless community throughout the year, it’s nights like [Saturday] when we deploy our inclement weather protocol," said Our Calling Pastor and CEO Wayne Walker.

The faith-based homeless solutions group, Our Calling, is initiating emergency 24-hour staffing.

"Well, unfortunately, there are thousands of people experiencing homelessness, sleeping outside every single day in Dallas and we don’t have near that amount of room. So really, it’s trying to determine how many people will come in," Walker said. "But right now, we only have enough room total across the whole city for an extra 300. So if more than that comes in, we’re going to be knocking on the doors of the city trying to say, ‘Hey, let’s open up a plan B somewhere,’ but we hope we won’t get there tonight."

North Texans will see a polarizing weather sequence with temperatures dropping from the 70s to the 20s.

Six Flags Over Texas will be closed Sunday due to expected cold temperatures.

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