North Dallas surgery center reopens after doctor's arrest

Baylor Scott & White reopened its Surgicare North Dallas facility last week after an investigation into IV bags tainted with dangerous drugs at the facility.

The facility was closed on August 24 after the hospital told law enforcement that it found its IV bags had been compromised.

Anesthesiologist Dr. Raynaldo Ortiz was arrested just a few weeks later on Sept. 14.

Dr. Raynaldo Ortiz

Ortiz is accused of causing the death of one doctor and at least 11 other cardiac incidents at the facility.

In a statement released Monday, Baylor Scott & White says the Surgicare North Dallas Facility reopened after "an extensive investigation" into the claims.

"The DOJ noted that investigators believe the problem was limited to one individual who has been arrested and is in custody," the hospital said in the statement.


Baylor Scott & White opened up a dedicated phone number for patients with questions and concerns. You can call 214-818-2794.

Dr. Ortiz was ordered to remain in jail until his trial.