Lewisville ISD students return to class after COVID-19 forces closure

It’s back to school for the 52,000 students in the Lewisville Independent School District in Denton County. They spent part of last week at home thanks to so many COVID-19 cases.

Monday will be the first day back to class for the students since last Wednesday.

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Lewisville ISD was forced to close because it didn’t have enough teachers to maintain operations. And with the constant staffing shortages, not enough substitute teachers were available.

The decision to shut down for three days was an opportunity to let the sick teachers recover and hopefully stop any additional spread.

This week, the district is in the process of partnering with a staffing company to bring in additional substitutes. It wants to have more backups in place to prevent any future shutdowns due to staffing shortages.

A Lewisville ISD spokesman said the district is watching the forecast in anticipation of the icy weather later this week. It will work to figure out how to handle making up for the missed days if it is forced to close again.

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