Lewisville ISD is latest school district to close due to COVID-19

Another school district will temporarily shut down because there are not enough teachers and staff.

Lewisville ISD will close all 70 campuses Wednesday through Friday. Classes are expected to resume on Monday of next week.

The closure impacts 52,000 students and 6,500 staff.

"I'm not pretty happy with that," said Trameka Foots, a Lewisville ISD parent. "It's going to be hard… tough on parents once again, especially working."

"When they did send the email out, I said I already knew it. I already knew it so let me just prepare myself and if they don't go back come Monday, I wouldn't be surprised. But it's understandable because this virus is serious and it's going around," added Janee Holmes, another parent.

The district said infections at middle and high schools increased 500% over the past 10 days. 

And the average number of on-campus staff members out sick or home taking care of sick family members each day has been between 700-800.

"I want to be clear - we have used every resource available over the last two weeks to keep the district open," Interim Superintendent Gary Patterson said in a letter to parents. "We are doing everything we can to keep schools open, and we have simply reached the limit of tools at our disposal."

Lewisville ISD is not offering virtual classes during the closure because not enough teachers will be available to teach those classes.

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