Jenkins: Dallas County allowed to mandate masks, gloves for restaurant employees

Employees serving you food have to wear masks and gloves in Dallas County, officials say.

FOX4 spoke with Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins seeking clarification after FOX4 viewers said they are seeing a mix of employees with masks on and masks off, depending on the establishment.

Gov. Abbott's order did not make face coverings and gloves mandatory statewide, but Jenkins said the county is allowed to mandate them within its borders. He cited a letter the state attorney general sent to the county signing off on the local adjustment.

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“The restaurant inspectors can come out and see that and put that down as a violation on the restaurant,” Jenkins said of the masks. “For some smaller cities that is Dallas County [inspectors] and then for larger cities that of course is the city themselves.”

Jenkins urged customers to be vigilant and to trust their own instincts when it comes to health.

“If people want to go inside of a restaurant or even if they want to get take out, if they're not following those minimal safety standards, go find a restaurant that is,” Jenkins said.

People who see violations can contact that city’s health department or code compliance division. They can also contact the Dallas County Health Department.

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