Frustration continues in Southlake over Carroll ISD's delay of new diversity plan

A group of parents sent a letter demanding a North Texas school district move forward with a plan that battles racism.

That plan was put on hold after a different group of parents complained.

There’s frustration in Southlake over legal delays with a cultural competence action plan. 

It’s prompted some Carroll ISD families to hire attorney and State Senator Royce West.

"Understand we will litigate this matter, understand that. We’ve already contacted the department of justice," West said. "A process was asked for by these parents. The board put the process in place, and frankly, for the last 20 months, over 60 parents, faculty, staff, students participated in this process. That’s the way we normally do things in America to get to solution."

A demand letter to school board trustees is critical of how the effort has been handled over three years.

The matter of racist incidents and districtwide inequities catapulted after social media posts with students using racial slurs.

Part of the letter states: "The Board’s inaction has created an oppressive and hostile environment for students of color and other marginalized students."

Some opponents of the proposed plan complained it is too far-reaching. 

Families said their efforts were sabotaged by others who took the issue to court.

"This is a group that sought a temporary restraining order to prevent the school district from making significant progress to enforce the diversity plan," Carroll ISD Diversity Committee member Pam Francis said.

Carroll ISD is currently under a court-issued restraining order while a complaint about alleged violations of the Open Meetings Act, involving the action plan, are under review.

"We protest around the school board area because we want change. Students want change. This doesn’t affect parents at the end of the day, it affects us," Carroll ISD senior Zoe Blue said. 

Former Dallas Cowboy Russell Maryland is a committee member who worked on the plan. He is a parent with two graduates and a current Carroll ISD student.

"I’m here going on 20 years strong with my family. I love my city," Maryland said. "How much longer will we waver between two opinions? Action or inaction. Tolerance or intolerance. Racism or anti-racism."


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