Fort Worth’s Polytechnic High School unveils redesigned mascot

A North Texas high school is rebranding its look.

Polytechnic High School in Fort Worth was one of three local schools selected to receive more than $35,000 in branding products by BSN.

BSN is a varsity brand company that markets and distributes for schools and universities across the country.

Over the years, Polytechnic’s mascot has been various versions of a parrot.

Students were given several new options and they voted on a 1942 retro parrot with a modern twist.

"They sharpened the edges of it and made the eyes kinda have an attitude and put claws on the parrot so it’s now kind of intimidating. We gonna win this game kinda parrot," said Principal Nick Torrez.

The school’s principal hopes the makeover will instill pride with students and in the community.

"A lot of excitement and joy that we can have something and not the same ole polly parrot to look at every day," said Jada Armstead, a senior at the high school.

The new logo will appear on campus, on the school’s website and in a new wing of the school expected to open in two weeks.


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