Fort Worth non-profits partner up to feed, shelter the homeless during wintry weather

Neighborhood non-profits joined forces Thursday to provide shelter and a hearty meal for those who would otherwise go without safety or something to eat.

With temperatures dropping across North Texas on Thursday, many of our neighbors won’t have a place to escape the dangerous cold.

But on East Lancaster Street in Fort Worth, volunteers with Under The Bridge Ministries have partnered with the non—profit The Art of Living to make last-minute arrangements available to those in need.

"We’re just the hands, the feet of Jesus," said volunteer Raquel Wiggs Escobar. "We have to be out here to help each other because, you know, many of us are a paycheck away from being homeless."

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Volunteers prepared a holiday menu with macaroni and cheese, brisket, stuffing and even a little dessert.

"A lot of these men and women have chosen to live on the street because they’ve had either not a good experience in the shelter or they are fearful of being in the shelter," said Bryan Walsh, owner of The Art of Living.

Erik Fillmore says he’s still trying to turn things back around and is grateful someone out there wants to help.

"I'm trying to get back to work, get my critical documents and get back into the flow of things," he said. "It lets me know they got God in their hearts because they give."

After dinner, Walsh says they’re welcome to spend the night on the patio with several heaters and shelter from the wind. 

"We had about 50-70 blankets donated and sleeping bags and gloves," Escobar said. "And so we’re going to be handing them out and trying to make them comfortable out here."

Walsh is urging everyone to remember not to take even the smallest things for granted.

"These people out here, their families are somewhere else," he said. "Be thankful for your family and being inside of a warm home, and you realize how fortunate you are at home with your family." 

Under the Bridge Ministries is accepting donations.