Fort Worth Explosion: Employees sue over alleged negligence

More people who were seriously hurt in last week’s Sandman Hotel explosion in Fort Worth filed a third lawsuit against the people they believe were responsible for the blast.

The plaintiffs in this lawsuit are eight hotel employees and two of their spouses.

Source: Fort Worth Fire

They’re suing the company that owns the Sandman Hotel, as well as Atmos Energy and others.

The lawsuit claims a lack of maintenance and upkeep of the natural gas utilities led to the explosion.


Fort Worth hotel explosion: 911 calls shed light on terror following blast

Newly released 911 calls are shedding new light on the terror in the moments after an explosion at the Sandman Hotel in Fort Worth earlier this month.

"The defendants in this case knew there was a risk that this sort of tragic accident could happen, and they simply didn’t take the time or effort to either fix the issues or warn our clients of the dangers," said Zehl & Associates founding partner Ryan Zehl.

The suit claims several people reported smelling gas in the building before the explosion happened but nothing was done.

The official cause of the blast that injured 21 people has not been determined.


Fort Worth Explosion: Atmos Energy says its system was not involved

Atmos Energy announced Friday that according to the company's own investigation, there is "no indication" its system was involved in Monday's hotel explosion in Fort Worth that injured 21 people.

One woman is still in serious condition at Parkland Hospital’s burn unit.

Two other people have filed lawsuits, including a hotel restaurant worker who suffered a head injury and a man who was working at a nearby building who was injured while running to safety.