Fort Worth 14-year-old girl fatally stabbed during sleepover

A 14-year-old girl was stabbed to death during an overnight fight at a sleepover in Fort Worth.

Police said the stabbing happened early Tuesday morning at an apartment complex on Peyton Lane, in south Fort Worth.

Two girls reportedly got into an argument and one pulled out a knife. The victim, 14-year-old Nylah Lightfoot, was taken to the hospital where she later died.

The medical examiner report says Nylah died of a stab wound to the neck and chest.

Police said the suspect fled and is still at large. They know who the other girl is but haven't made an arrest.

A neighbor said she advised Nylah to go home sometime before the stabbing occurred. A woman identified as her aunt did not want to comment.

The Fort Worth Independent School District said Nylah was a former student at Wedgewood Middle School. She hadn’t been a student in the district since March of 2017.

Friends describe Nylah as playful and friendly.

"She was young,” said friend Jurni Kennard. “Wrong place. Wrong time. Who would've thought yesterday was her last day."

Friends say Nylah moved to south Fort Worth with her family about two months ago.

Crowley ISD says she just finished eighth grade at H.F. Stevens Middle School. Classes ended Friday for summer vacation.