Fish City Grill reopens two years after being damaged by Dallas tornado

A North Dallas restaurant badly damaged in a tornado more than two years ago is back open.

Fish City Grill at Preston Road and Royal Lane has been closed since October 2019.

That’s when a tornado destroyed the restaurant’s walls and ceiling.

Staff and customers who where there when it happened had to take cover inside a walk-in cooler.

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The restaurant said it’s more than ready to welcome back its customers.

"It's been a long two-years and three months since the tornado literally blew the store away. And we're just grateful to finally be open. Customers are thrilled," said Bill Bayne, the co-founder of Fish City Grill. "We had a dress rehearsal Friday and Saturday night. We had a lot of our old customers coming in for us to practice on. It was just kind of a homecoming."

The restaurant moved to a different space but is still close to Preston Road within the same strip.

It now includes an outdoor patio and more indoor space.

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