Family: Arsonist that killed Pleasant Grove grandma targeted wrong home

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Family members believe an arsonist trying to get retaliation for an earlier shooting targeted the wrong apartment complex and resulted in the death of a grandmother.

The shooting happened just after 10 p.m. last Tuesday. It resulted in the death a man at the Asante Apartments in Pleasant Grove. Six hours later at the same apartment complex, a suspicious fire killed Debra Williams.

Debra’s family want their faces shown or their full names used out of fear because they believe the person who killed the grandmother is still out there.

“I lost my best friend,” said Rhonda, Debra’s daughter. “We're all hurting. We're torn up. We're trying to come up with stuff to put our mom away because we're not understanding why she had to lose her life behind it.”

According to family members, Debra and her family were home the night of May 10 when a man was killed at their apartment complex.

Dallas police say Christopher Deon Shaw shot and killed Stuart Lane at the apartment complex.

Hours later, the family says they heard strange noises outside their apartment. Then suddenly, it was engulfed in flames.

“The fire went blazing up on the curtains, setting the curtains on fire and spreading all around the ceiling,” said Debra’s grandson, Demoetra.

Everyone got out but Debra suffered the worst injuries.

“With third degree burns to her face, to her hands, she was trying to make it out,” said Rhonda.  “But each time as she was coming out, she was getting burned.”

“It was blazing hot in there. We didn't have any air in there,” said Rhonda. “It was so hot, I could barely breathe.”

The family says Debra fought for her life in the hospital for three days before passing away. They believe someone may have accidentally targeted the wrong apartment after the earlier shooting.

According to Dallas police, detectives are working with arson investigators to see if there is a connection between the shooting and the fire but so far haven't made that connection.

“Why would you hurt an innocent person like that?” asked Rhonda. “That's been my whole question from day one. Why her? What did she do?”

Shaw turned himself in to authorities Tueday afternoon. He is now being questioned by police