Ex-caregiver accused of kidnapping elderly woman

Police are searching for a woman they say kidnapped an 85-year old woman in Irving and made her drive to Arlington. Officers say the victim got home Friday night and found her former caregiver sitting on her porch. According to police, Lesia Ann Coco got into the victim's car saying she could  help her find her missing jewelry. She then told the elderly woman to drive her to Arlington. When the victim began driving, that's when police say Coco told the woman it was a robbery. The victim then honked her horn to try and attract attention, that's when police say Coco began beating and stabbing the woman. Coco then jumped out of the car and ran. Nearby gas station customers saw the victim and called for help. She was taken to the hospital and her condition is not known. A warrant has been issued for Coco's arrest.