Everman police on search for missing 6-year-old: Still no substantial updates

Everman police will not give an update on the search for missing 6-year-old Noel Rodriguez-Alvarez on Thursday, as previously expected.

Police chief Craig Spencer says at this time there are no substantial updates on the case at this time.

Spencer said that investigators thoroughly and meticulously working on the investigation.

An arrest warrant has been issued for the boy's mother, Cindy Rodriguez-Singh, for allegedly lying about the child's whereabouts. 

Police say Rodriguez-Singh left the country along with Noel's 6 siblings and his stepfather.

Police say the last time they can prove that Noel had been seen was in November 2022.

Cindy Rodriguez-Singh

An AMBER Alert was issued for the 6-year-old on Saturday after an anonymous tip to CPS.

Investigators say the boy has both physical and developmental challenges.

The alert was discontinued, and an Endangered Missing Persons Report was issued for Noel.

At the last media briefing on Tuesday, Chief Spencer said the investigation was beginning to shift from a search to a criminal investigation. At that time, Spencer said he was still hopeful Noel would be found alive because there was no physical evidence of anything happening to the 6-year-old.


Search for missing Everman 6-year-old moving toward a criminal investigation, police chief says

Everman police say they are combing through documents and tips as they search for missing 6-year-old Noel Rodriguez-Alvarez.

Investigators say they are looking into several possibilities about what happened, including following up on a rumor that Noel had been sold.

Police said Noel, his 6 siblings, his mother and stepfather lived in a shed in the backyard of a home in Everman.

On Tuesday, FOX 4 reporter David Sentendrey got to go inside the shed and talk to the owner of the home.

He says he does not know what happened to Noel but believes his mother would not hurt him.

Inside the shed, there were toys, clothes, baby products and food.

There were also two beds, one of which was overturned.

It is unclear what the condition of the shed was in before police searched it.

The FBI and Homeland Security are assisting Everman police with the search.

Everman says if there are any significant updates they will share it.