Elevated risk for grass fires in North Texas

North Texas is at an elevated risk for grass fires again on Monday.

The Texas A&M Forest Service says unseasonably warm temperatures combined with dry conditions and high winds are the perfect recipe for a grass fire.

The department is warning people to be cautious during any outdoor activity that could cause a spark. 

It has already been a busy year for fire crews in our area. 

"Since January, Texas A&M Forest Service have responded to 160 fires. That’s double the average fires we respond to in an average year," explained Adam Turner with the Texas A&M Forest Service. "So typically, we respond to 80 fires from January to February, and we're at 160 so far."

The fire risk is expected to decrease later this week with rain chances in our forecast.

But the rain we do get is likely to dry up quickly because North Texas is in an extended drought.


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