DART, Coors team up to offer free rides on New Year's Eve

DART and Coors Light are working together to offer North Texans a chance to celebrate New Year's Eve safely with free rides.

From 6 p.m. to the end of service on New Year's Eve there will be free rides on DART trains, buses, street cars and the TRE.

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"After the pandemic now people are back out, they are enjoying New Year's, they are outside enjoying times with friends and family. Here's a great chance to make sure you are safe. Get yourself home, get yourself to the party and get yourself back," said Gordon Shattles, DART's director of external relations.

DART says there is no need to buy a pass, all of their operators will know riders can travel for free.

Dallas weather forecast for New Year's Eve calls for spring-like temperatures

"Any chance we can do to take people out of their cars, get them safely on a bus, we'll handle the driving for you," said Shattles.  

The Molson Coors Free Rides program has provided more than 8 million free rides in nine different cities across the country for the 34 years of the program.