Dallas PD detective says recording changed mind in squad car death trial

A police detective testified Thursday that he initially did not think a Dallas police officer was responsible for the death of a man on a bike – until he heard a recording.

Former Dallas Police Officer Bryan Burgess is on trial and accused of hitting and killing Fred Bradford, Jr. on a bicycle in April 2013 and then tampering with the crime scene.

Detective Randy Loboda said initially burgess told him that Bradford hit the squad car. But he says the recording taken right after the crash revealed a different story. 

“I don't know what the f--- he did, but f---ing car hit the back tire and when it did, he went down. I stopped to make sure he wasn't under the car.”

It was obvious the stories didn’t match.

“If you listen to the audio it clearly states police car hit Mr. Bradford. That changed the tone of the investigation,” Lobada said. “I feel he was negligent how he drove, additionally, he did not call paramedics right away, he misled ambulance people, he moved evidence that could have been used to determine who was involved."

But on cross-examination, Burgess's attorney tried to raise doubt about whether his client did anything criminally wrong. The defense contends if Bradford had not run from police, the incident wouldn’t have happened. 

The defense also called a traffic investigator who testified there was not enough evidence to warrant any charges against burgess.

Testimony in the case continues on Friday.