Dallas mayor meets with Ukrainian consul general to offer support to refugees

Dallas Mayor Eric Johnson met with the Ukrainian Consul General on Monday to talk about the city's efforts to help Ukrainian refugees fleeing their country as the Russian invasion continues.

In support of Ukraine, the Dallas City Council unanimously approved a measure to sever ties with its sister city in Russia.

Consul General of Ukraine says locals are willing to act as sponsors to any Ukrainian refugee who may end up in Texas.

Refugee Services of Texas expects 3%-5% of refugees to end up here at some point.

Mayor Johnson is offering his support in other ways. He met with the Ukrainian Consul General to discuss how the city of Dallas can support Ukraine.

The Dallas City Council voted unanimously to pass a resolution severing ties with its sister city in Russia until the war is over. 

Dallas City Council approves resolution in support of Ukraine

Vitalii Tarasiuk is the head of the newly established Ukrainian Consulate in Houston. The office opened last December months before the conflict began.

Tarasiuk is urging companies in North Texas to cut any financial ties with Russia. He called out one company by name well known for its paper products.

"Like the company, Kimberly Clarke. They're suspending future investments but still do current operations, and we encourage companies to cut the ties completely at least until the aggression is over," he said.

Then, there's the humanitarian effort. Millions of Ukrainians have fled the country.

Last week, President Joe Biden announced that the U.S. would accept some 100,000 Ukrainian refugees in the coming months.

Refugee Services of Texas expects to receive some 3,000. A timeline has not yet been set.

"Typically, we receive about two weeks’ notice that a family is coming in. And from there, we set up their apartment with welcome teams," explained Ashley Faye with the organization.

Tarasiuk says many local Ukrainians he met with at a church service Sunday said they too would be willing to serve as hosts. He’s grateful to the support his country is getting from North Texas.

Refugee Services of Texas says there's a sizeable Ukrainian population in Fort Worth, so many refugees could be reunited with relatives there.

Once the client arrives, then we can work with the family on employment and getting kids enrolled in school.