Dallas Mavericks game draws fans despite looming winter weather

The Dallas Mavericks did not cancel their game Wednesday night against the Oklahoma City Thunder at the American Airlines Center.

It's a late game, meaning those who chose to see it may be driving home in bad conditions.

The cold temperature is one thing. But when people are getting wet by rain on top of that, it can be miserable.

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One AAC worker estimated there was about half the crowd they typically see when the weather is decent to travel for a game.

Several fans already had tickets to the game. One person was celebrating a birthday while others went out on a date night. 

Fans came to downtown from across the metroplex. They said the roads were fine getting to the game. But when the game ends around 10 p.m., they don’t expect it to be as easy a drive.

"Honestly, they weren’t that bad. It wasn’t a whole lot of traffic. Of course, it’s wet. But that was it," said fan Kisha Dupree.

"Assuming everybody got home early today and nobody’s coming downtown. So it was pretty light," said fan Michael Clakley.

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"But we’re expecting for tomorrow to be really bad," said Susan Ascoy. "I think that’s where the problem is going to be. Right now, there was no traffic. But I’m pretty sure later on we’ll have a lot of traffic going back home."

"Just hope that the people of Texas drive safely," said fan Joe Jones.