Thieves believed to be targeting Buddhist temples in North Texas, police say

North Texas police departments are working with the FBI in an attempt to stop a crime ring they believe are targeting Buddhist temples across North Texas.

White Settlement police say they responded to a diversionary theft at Wat Busayadhammvanaram on White Settlement Road on Nov. 20.

Police say 9 people distracted a monk and stole $38,000 in cash.

White Settlement police released video of the incident.

Suspect in stolen vehicle crashes while fleeing from White Settlement police

Many of the suspects are women who were wearing headscarves and masks.

The suspects arrived in a stolen van from Dallas that was recovered in White Settlement on Nov. 22.

Motorcyclist leads White Settlement police on chase, gets away

White Settlement PD says they are working closely with Fort Worth PD and Irving PD because they had similar incidents.