Cowboys owner Jerry Jones speaks with FOX 4 about what's next for the team

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Cowboys owner Jerry Jones welcomed happy Cowboys fans to The Star in Frisco Saturday night.

Coming off a huge win at home against the saints, Jones spoke with FOX 4 about what’s on deck for the Cowboys the rest of the season. 

“When you go in and get a victory against that type of competition, it lifts our players, not only lifts our fans, but boy it lifts the players,” he said.

The team needed some lifting after a rough start to the season. The Cowboys are now in the running for a playoff spot.

“To some degree because we're a young team, our players aren't the same guys that started the game, they know they can do it against the best. They know they can do it better against the best,” said Jones.

Now the challenge comes with keeping the momentum from the last four wins going.

“And you can have it going good and there will be days when it's not going to go good, so when it really gets rolling, roll it - roll it, go, push on, peak on peak. Don't wait and say hey, I'm going to coast because it's good right now,” said Jones.

Up next for the cowboys, the Eagles, Colds, Buccaneers and Giants to round out the season.

Jones also talked about what who thinks will be the biggest challenge in the coming weeks.

“Oh I think Philadelphia, I have such respect for them, they won the world championship, they won the Super Bowl last year, most of those players are there. They beat Washington, and will have had another game under their belt, and we have all the respect for them in the world.”