Cook Children's Hospital describes baby Tinslee Lewis' worsening condition

Cook Children's Hospital is urging the Texas Supreme Court to make a quick decision regarding the fate of a terminally-ill girl whose been on life support since she was born.

New court documents describe 1-year-old Tinslee Lewis' continued struggles.

Cook Children’s Hospital this week is elevating efforts to discontinue life-sustaining treatment for baby Tinslee.

Affidavits filed Tuesday with the Texas Supreme Court contain perhaps the hospital’s most graphic description of what it calls the 1-year old’s “worsening condition.”

"All surgical options have been exhausted, and there is no way to cure or alleviate T.L.'s severe chronic lung disease, ventilator dependence, pulmonary hypertension and bronchiectasis,” the hospital said in its petition. “She cannot recover from these disorders and has no chance of long-term survival.”

Details of the hospital’s petition reveal Tinslee receives four to five times the amount of pain medication as the typical pediatric patient.

The filing also disputes a video of Tinslee that the Texas Right to Life group shared through social media. It shows the girls’ arms moving. However, the hospital argues her movements do not represent Tinslee is thriving but rather are reflexes triggered by medical treatments.

Cook Children’s was compelled to continue those treatments in a July appeals court ruling which also ordered a new trial in the case.

Texas Right to Life has fired back at the hospital’s plea to the state’s highest civil court, calling the move a desperate Hail Mary, particularly regarding a claim that no one visits Tinslee and the nurse team has become her family.

The advocate group says “that is a ridiculous assertion. Cook’s has a very strict visitation limit, and her mother visits every chance she possibly can. Her mother is working two jobs just like any single mother would do. Cook’s words are hurtful and not based in reality.”

It is unclear how often Tinslee receives visitors. Her mother's attorney has not responded to our calls.

Cook Children's Hospital eased its pandemic visitor restrictions. Beginning Thursday, it will allow two visitors per patient per day instead of one.


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