Baby Tinslee’s family finds Michigan doctor willing to treat her

A little girl on life support at Cook Children’s Hospital for more than a year now has a new doctor.

For baby Tinslee's family, it is a sign of new hope for her survival.

A Michigan doctor would like to treat baby Tinslee Lewis, the little girl who’s been on life support at Cook Children’s Hospital for more than a year.

Court documents indicate Dr. Glenn Green of the University of Michigan, along with another physician from Galveston, would like to be granted access for medical procedures.

Kim Schwartz is with Texas Right to Life, an activist group that has supported Tinslee’s mom in her legal effort.  

“This is such an encouraging development with Tinsley Lewis’ case,” she said.

Tinslee Lewis on Christmas Day

Attorneys for the mother, Trinity Lewis, filed an emergency plea Tuesday that says: “Trinity seeks to have Dr. Green perform a tracheostomy and evaluate Baby T.L. for a condition known as malacia which would explain what Defendant has referred to as ‘dying events.’ It can be treated, in part, by the tracheostomy as well.”

“They basically were saying that Tinsley is a hopeless case that there aren’t any other doctors in the world who want to treat her,” Schwartz said. “This proves that Tinslee is not a hopeless case.”

The hospital has refused to perform a tracheotomy noting, in its opinion, it would be medically futile.

In previous court filings, Cook Children’s argued the sustained life support is causing Tinslee pain, although the hospital also said it would continue providing medical care.

Tinslee was born with a rare heart condition. Her doctors have said she will not improve. Cook Children’s Hospital has sought to have her removed from life support, and a lower court judge agreed. 

Currently, a second appeal in the case is pending.

This new filing, according to Texas Right to Life, gives Tinslee’s family new optimism.

“Trinity has known all along that her baby is a fighter and, if given the chance can,” Schwartz said. “God can work miracles through baby Tinsley, so it’s encouraging and a great step to move forward.”