High school students work the polls for real-world voting experience

Some North Texas high school seniors are gaining real-world experience this election day. They’re working the polls, and some are even casting their own ballot for the first time.

The government students from Trinity Christian Academy in Addison are volunteering at a Carrollton public library to get real-world and first-hand experience in the voting process. 

They will be working in shifts under the direction of the election judge.

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"You want to be very efficient, get it done as quickly as possible and very respectful," said Chance Snyder, a TCA senior.

"It’s a great experience because normally we’re in the classroom learning about the process but it’s great to be out there and see what it’s like," added Kyle Causey, another TCA senior.

Many of the students are first-time voters, like the more than 8 million voters across the country who are eligible to vote for the first time in this election. They said they’ve been doing their research on the candidates.

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The students’ AP government teacher said showing the youth the importance of voting now increases the likelihood they will continue to vote in the future.

She said in the 20 years she’s been teaching she had students who come back to her and say they never forgot the day they worked the polls and voted.