Bullet hits 17-year-old girl in head during road rage shooting

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A 17-year-old girl had a close call when a bullet hit her in the head during a road rage shooting.

The shooting happened early Monday morning on I-635 in Mesquite. The injured girl says she was driving with her friends.

Sejah Qamoum says she has no idea why someone would want to shoot her. She says she never engaged the other driver and even allowed them to pass her at one point when she got shot.

The teen now has two staples in her head as the result of a bullet fragment that grazed her during the road rage incident.

“She was like, ‘Babe, what do you think it was?’ And I was like, ‘You got shot!’” recalled Oseas Cervantes, Qamoum’s boyfriend. “And she had blood gushing down her head.”

According to Qamoum, she first noticed the suspicious car, described as a dark-colored four-door car, while she, her boyfriend, her puppy named Blue and two friends were in Arkansas headed back to North Texas after picking up one of their passengers.

“He got really behind my bumper,” she said. “It was like to the point that all I could see was his hood. I didn't see the lights. And so I slowed down and he went around slowly and he sped up.”

Qamoum noticed the car had Texas plates but couldn’t get a look at the person or persons inside due to the dark tinted windows. She says she never engaged the driver, which she saw again as they got towards their exit — 635 South in Mesquite. It was closed due to construction.

“She was about to take the north, but I said never mind just keep driving straight,” Cervantes said. “And that's when the car went back behind us and I guess that's when we heard the shot and they just drove off.”

“My whole hand was covered in blood,” recalled Qamoum. “I just kept it on there, and my cousin kept telling me to put pressure on it.”

Qamoum pulled off the side of the interstate. Her boyfriend called 911. Within minutes, police and an ambulance arrived. But the shooter was long gone.

“I just put my life in God’s hands,” she said. “And I just wasn't scared.”

Since Mesquite police have no suspect description, they’re hoping someone saw something and will call them.

Investigators are also reviewing cameras along the interstate in hopes part of the encounter was recorded on video.