Americans envy these jobs more than any others

FILE-Employees work on their computers inside an office. (Photo by LLUIS GENE/AFP via Getty Images)

Finding the right job can be based on many factors for workers, including the salary, commute, and the work-life balance it offers. 

But regardless of what your criteria for a job may be, there are some vocations working professionals desire more than others based on a new study. 

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HostingAdvice, an online web hosting company, conducted a poll of 3,000 Americans to find the nation’s most envied jobs, and here are the ones that made the cut. 

Top jobs Americans envy

  1. Wildlife photographer
  2. Chocolatier
  3. Adventure tour guide
  4. Luxury real estate agent
  5. Vineyard manager/winemaker
  6. Craft brewer
  7. Social media influencer
  8. Environmental scientist
  9. Video game developer
  10. Cheese artisan
  11. Marine biologist
  12. Fashion designer
  13. TV anchor/host
  14.  Aerospace engineer for Space Exploration companies
  15. Digital nomad web designer
  16. Magazine editor
  17. Entertainment lawyer

These professions not only offer a lifestyle change for job seekers but also the opportunity for them to enjoy the work that they do. 

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HostingAdvice explains that these jobs represent what some workers are searching for in terms of creative roles that provide them with the chance to do impactful work. 

This story was reported from Washington, D.C.