The Tex Factor: Texas Through Time

From the life-sized dinosaurs on the outside, to the tiny invertebrate sea creatures and plant fossils on the inside, Texas Through Time takes you back to a time when dinosaurs roamed lands that would become Texas.

Located in the famous Grimes Garage building in Hillsboro, the museum not only offers the most diverse variety of Texas dinosaur fossils in the country, but offers it for free.

Paleontologist and Curator Andre Lujan takes you on a tour of the museum and shows how his team helps recreate dinosaurs, using the bones they discovered in Texas. 

Lujan has been seen on many TV shows as a dinosaur and fossil expert, but he’s never been seen like this: being interviewed by 3 young dinosaur enthusiasts! 

He talks about his passion for fossils, community, and his discovery of the first and only Ankylosaurus in the state of Texas.  Plus, learn about the "T-Rex of Texas" and witness a partial Stegomastodon skull that is two to three million years old.  

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