Texas Rangers kick off Spring Training with pitchers and catchers workouts

The Texas Rangers officially kicked off Spring Training in Arizona Wednesday, far from the icy conditions at home.

Pitchers and catchers began workouts at the team's spring facility in Surprise, north of Phoenix.

Players must deal with the challenges associated with COVID-19 and social distancing.

They are also worried about fans in North Texas dealing with the brutal winter storm.

"Everybody is doing OK. My girlfriend and Josiah, my son, they're back in Frisco. They have power, they have hot water. So luckily, they're one of the few lucky ones," Rangers catcher Jose Trevino said. "I just want to tell everyone stay safe, stay warm. We'll get through this like we get through everything else. You know, you feel those people, you know, I'm over here, it's sunny, it's 70, but I definitely feel the effects here of what's going on back home too."

The Rangers first full team workout is set for Monday, when it will be near 80 degrees in Arizona.

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