North Texas soccer fans hopeful for the USMNT's future despite World Cup loss

A number of North Texas soccer fans braved a chilly morning to be some of the first people in the doors of Toyota Stadium to watch the US take on the Netherlands in the World Cup.

"Why not? Where else would we be on a Saturday morning when the USA is playing?" said Collen Cormier.

Cormier and her son Alex bond over soccer. Especially the underdogs of Team USA.

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"They were underestimated. They were not expected to do that well, and they've really exceeded expectations," said Alex Cormier.

Fans dressed in everything from capes and cowboy hats to hairpieces made their way to Frisco to take in the game.

The group says the wild outfits are a part of soccer's togetherness, and they enjoy watching with a crowd.

"At home it's just us, so when we're here it's like, everybody's excited. So we don't think that we're like weird screaming at the house," said Bree Reynolds.

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"I just think it brings out the best in people," said Shannon Hammond, who brought a red, white and blue afghan to add to the mix.

"You know what, it's hilarious, my husband’s grandmother made this for him and we always kind of made fun of it and this morning I was like, this is perfect."

[REPORTER: "Do you think maybe it has some good luck in it?"]

"Maybe it does. I love that. That's a good idea." Hammond said.

Unfortunately Team USA needed a bit more luck, or maybe just a bit more experience falling short against the Netherlands 3-1.

Still, there was a local bright side. FC Dallas star and Oak Cliff native Jesus Ferreira started the match Saturday.

FC Dallas proud of former academy products representing US at the World Cup

"Yeah, Jesus Ferreira becomes the first active FC Dallas player to play in a World Cup match," said FC Dallas' Gina Miller.

Ferreira, a part of a young core. The second-youngest World Cup starting lineup this year.

The hope this year's experience was will help 4 years from now when the World Cup is in the U.S., with some matches in DFW.

"And the U.S. Men's National Team will be there to represent the United States," said Gilbert Aguilar.

"This is good experience for them. They'll be ready for the next one," Oliver Carrera said.

Experience earned this year will move them even further. With their fans behind them in all weather.

"You know when you've got the US of A running in your veins, patriotism and pride in your veins, anything can happen. The weather doesn't matter, we just love the US of A."