Former Southlake Carroll quarterback who skipped senior year signs $1.4M deal with marketing group

Former Southlake Carroll quarterback Quinn Ewers is already cashing in on a decision to forego his senior season.

Ewers, who skipped his senior year of high school to cash in on new NCAA rules, has signed a deal worth $1.4 million with a sports marketing group.

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The star QB was considered the No. 1 prospect of the 2022 recruiting class, but reclassified to enroll at Ohio State this season instead.

"This is not just a financial decision; this is about what is best for my football career. At 18, and with one final class about to be completed to earn my high school degree, I feel it’s time to get the jump on my college career that is available to me," Ewers said in a statement on Twitter about his decision.

Ewers cited new NCAA policies that allow him to profit off his name, image and likeness, something the UIL would not allow him to do.

This is reportedly the third contract he's signed under new collegiate rules.

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