Evan Andrews

Evan Andrews


My job is to tell the truth (although some may argue), so you may be surprised as to the reason I became a Meteorologist. While I have always loved and been fascinated with the weather, I went to college in Wisconsin to become an Electrical Engineer. I spent many years building and designing speakers, and electrical equipment (I was a D.J. as well), so it seemed natural to follow my calling.

Well, after a year and one half of "hard studying" (that's why we go to school...right?), I realized I needed to make a change. I didn't want to lose any credits, so I decided Meteorology looked like fun. After 4 years and a degree, I found out that the job market wasn't really good, and that I could make more money bagging groceries!!! So I went back to school, got my masters degree in Meteorology, interned at a local T.V. station for two years (with no pay), and caught a lucky break.

My first job in TV was doing weekend weather in Madison, Wisconsin. After all those years of freezing in 80 below zero cold, I got a chance to go to New England, where winter is only 20 below, but the snowfall can be seven feet!! Massachusetts was beautiful, the people were friendly, but way too much snow! Of course, going back to Milwaukee after that eliminated the heavy snow, but then it was too cold again!

Finally, after the frostbite wore off, it was time to move to a place where we wouldn't need the snowblower, the shovels, and the seven layers of clothing. Texas was the perfect choice! The people here are super friendly, the winters are mild, and my clothing bill will be significantly lower. O.K., so summers are a WEE BIT warm. But I can always take my kids and visit my parents back in New York!

I enjoy racquetball, good wine, gourmet cooking, gardening and hanging out with my kids Nathan and Lexi.

If you want to complain, be nice or something in-between, you can always email me at eandrews@foxtv.com!

The latest from Evan Andrews


No BRRR in December!

60s and 70s? We'll take it. It should continue for the next 7 days however...the real December may return next week!


Decent for December!

After ONE cool day, we'll be above average every day this week with no significant storm systems anticipated. Enjoy!


Warm to Cool to Wet!

Very warm air today, gives way to 50s tomorrow behind a cold front. The WETTER weather should hold off until Wed. night and Thanksgiving, with at least some showers and storms through at least Friday night or early Saturday!


Nice...may turn Nasty!

We start the week mild in the 70s then turn more WILD as colder air moves in...followed by rain for Thanksgiving, and some storms possible late week.


"The Winds of Change"!

Beautiful warm 70s today, but clouds, humidity and wind increase tomorrow. Eventually that will yield showers, that become more widespread rain/storms...followed by a cool end to the week!


Warmer Week Ahead!

Sunshine and light winds will take temps into the 70s through tomorrow. Even with extra clouds (showers too), we stay in the 70s through Thursday before colder air takes over late week.


Hello Winter

Readings in the 20s will slowly moderate into the low 40s with sunshine and MUCH lighter winds this afternoon.