Woman tased after walking into Arlington PD headquarters with knives

Arlington police used a taser on a woman who came into the department with two knives.   

The incident happened Tuesday afternoon around 9:15 in the middle of the police headquarters’ lobby.

"Officers working the desk heard the door open, and a woman is walking toward him with a knife in each hand,” said Lt. Chris Cook.

Cook says from the moment she came in, the officer in the front lobby started talking to her calmly and asked her to put the knives down.

Patricia Sayan, 28, and the officer behind the counter were the only ones in the lobby. 

Within 40 seconds, officers swarm around the lobby.

"It's one of those crazy things you never expect,” said Cpl. Jose Alvarez. “But it happens.”

Alvarez was the one who deployed the taser.

"I'm glad the training came in the way,” he said. “I learned it and it worked effectively."

Cook says Sayan was interviewed afterwards but did not make any sense.

“She was in an agitated state of mind,” said Cook. “She was determined that she was going to try to harm an officer. This could've very well been a different outcome if any one of many variables would've been slightly changed."

Sayan is currently being held in the Arlington Jail. She is charged with making a terroristic threat.