Woman sits on church roof to collect food for students

A North Texas woman is exposing herself to the elements -- all for the sake of children.

Robin Evans is sitting on the roof of All Saints Lutheran Church in Arlington until she collects 150,000 lbs. of food. She wants to feed students who are out of school for the summer and usually get free or reduced lunches during the school year.

“When you go talk to these people, they say, “I’m not complaining, I’m just having trouble making ends meet. Maybe I have to decide whether I can put food on the table for my family or take my medicine,’” Evans said. “And people shouldn't have to make that decision. I can't afford their medicine for them but I can supply the food pantries.”

This is the sixth year of "Robin on the Roof." Evans said she is usually on the roof for about four days until she gets the 150,000 lbs. Evans said she continuously stays on the roof unless hail or lightning occur. She goes back on the roof when the hail or lightning stops.

As of Friday afternoon, Evans has collected more than 83,000 lbs. of food. Donations can be made here.