Woman questions DPD response time after 911 calls

A Dallas woman says she feared for her life this weekend when she was harassed by a man in a parking garage.

She called 911 for help, but she’s questioning why it took police so long to respond.

Destany Bogle knew that something was wrong the minute she and a friend stepped into the elevator of her apartment building around noon Sunday.

Bogle’s apartment is in Victory Park, about two blocks away from the apartment complex where dentist Kendra Hatcher was shot to death last month.

“This man was mumbling, ‘Oh you're so sexy,’” said Bogle. “And we were like, ‘Ewww.’ That's when we started recording.”

She took this video of the elevator encounter on her cell phone.

“He was fondling his crotch,” said Bogle.

She told him to back off and says he followed them onto the third floor ramp. He became aggressive when she questioned him.

“I started crying at this point,” said Bogle. “But I didn't let him see I was scared.”

She spotted another resident in his pickup. She ran over to him, and her friend followed.

“I was crying,” said Bogle. “Like, hysterically crying.”

She says the man confronted the driver of the pickup and began cursing, trying to open a door.

When that didn't work, Bogle says the man jumped into the flatbed.

The pickup driver took off, trying to toss him out.

“He increased his speed a lot so he could fishtail his truck to try to get the individual out of the back of the truck,” said Bogle. “It didn't work.”

Another witness captured what happened next.

Bogle says the man got out, started swinging at the concierge and finally left.

Bogle called 911 but says she never interacted with police.

“I waited for police about an hour and a half,” said Bogle. “Between me and my concierge, we called six times to the police. They never showed. “

Police confirm that Bogle’s call came in at 12:01, and say, "Officers patrolled the area. Attempted to search for a suspect. Unable to locate [suspect]. Observed no signs of an offense at this time.”

Bogle’s mother, Jennifer Hobson, wonders how that's possible when she says no one ever saw or heard from an officer.

“If you call the police when you need help and there's a situation like this and your child is in danger, and she's calling police…you don't know what could've happened,” said Hobson. “He could've had a gun. He could’ve had a knife. He could have done anything. She could be dead.”