Woman carjacked at gunpoint at Oak Cliff gas station

A Dallas attorney says she was terrorized by two carjackers who used a gun to steal her Mercedes SUV.

Police released surveillance video showing two suspects carjacking Tramaine Scott while she was pumping gas Sunday evening at the QT station in Oak Cliff. Police later found Scott’s Mercedes in the city of Lancaster.

Surveillance cameras captured the incident and the two men involved.

"He said something to the effects of, ‘Get away from the car’ or ‘Give me your car,’” recalled Scott. “Something like that and pointed a gun at me."

She says the suspect with the close haircut threatened her with the gun. She says the second person never came within her view.

“As soon as I saw the gun, all I did was scream,” said Scott. “I tried to run away. I couldn't quite get over my feet, so I tripped over my feet. I fell. As I fell, I was trying to back up backwards so he would not shoot me.”

Scott is an attorney planning for her upcoming wedding. She says the robbery was perhaps the most upsetting experience of her life.

The thieves took off with Scott’s SUV, purse, cash, credit cards, I.D. and cell phone.

Some the contents of her purse turned up in a homeowner’s driveway on Monday not far from the crime scene.

Scott and her parents hope the video is helpful in turning up leads to get the two carjackers off the street.

“You never think something like that will happen to your family but you can't take anything for granted," said the victim’s father, Quinton Scott. “They need to be in jail because they're going to do it to somebody else and the thing is they're going to do it to some buddy who does have a gun. They're going to end up dead."