Wise County flooding victims prepare for more storms

Residents in Wise County recovering from last week’s flash flooding are preparing for the worst ahead of Tuesday’s storms. 

Once bitten, twice shy for Berry White, owner of the One Stop gas station in Runaway Bay. Flooding last week at Lake Bridgeport cost him $15,000.

"Hopefully we won't get the amount of rain we got last time,” said White. “But if we do, we might not be able to control it because we weren't able to get the lake down farther."

The sand bags he put up last week will stay right where they are.

"Also we have some internal pumps that we brought inside the building,” White said.

Pastor Richard Giller remembers the tornado that narrowly missed his condo on the lake in May of last year and he remembers watching FOX 4 News right before it hit.

"And then all of a sudden he said, ‘if you live in Runaway Bay, you better do something now’ and he left and I said ‘oh my gosh here we go,’" remembered Giller.

The tornado ripped two condo buildings apart and only just now are they being rebuilt. The new construction may signal confidence but severe weather in the forecast always makes this minister nervous.

The Tarrant Regional Water District plans to decrease the amount of water they let out of Lake Bridgeport to help alleviate the flooding.