Winter storm blankets South in snow, rain for coastal Northeast

The weekend's winter storm that dropped over a foot of snow across the South and Mid-Atlantic states is charging north up the eastern seaboard. Areas near the coast are seeing all rain while snow continues to pile up across the interior.

Areas along Lake Eerie could potentially see up to two feet of snow through Wednesday, including Cleveland, Ohio and Buffalo, New York. Lake-effect snow beginning Monday night into Tuesday will continue to drive up those snow totals for areas near Rochester, New York, according to the National Weather Service in Buffalo.


24 inches of snow is possible.(FOX Weather)

Washington, Philadelphia and New York City will dry out Monday morning, but winds will be brisk at 20-40 mph.

High wind warnings and wind advisories are in effect through late Monday morning from Eastern Virginia up through Maine

According to the National Weather Service in New York, southeast winds between 35 and 45 mph with gusts up to 65 mph are possible in southern New London County, Connecticut and southeast Suffolk and northeast Suffolk counties in New York.


Wind alerts for the Northeast though Monday. (FOX Weather)

Massachusetts and Connecticut will wake up to a rainy Monday morning with winds gusting up to 60 mph.


Northeast coastal flood alerts. (FOX Weather)

Unusually high tides also put coastal areas under Flood Watches and Warnings through Monday night.


Winter Weather Alerts for the mid-Atlantic. (FOX Weather)

Eastern Tennessee, western North Carolina, Virginia, the Washington, D.C. area and New Jersey remain under Winter Storm Warnings through Monday. Atlanta to Chattanooga are under winter weather advisories.

Monday morning commuters could face dangerous conditions across the mid-Atlantic where ice glaze may cover the roads after a night of freezing rain.


Threat for glaze. (FOX Weather)

Western Virginia to Central Pennsylvania may see freezing rain overnight creating a treacherous morning commute.


States across the South and Mid-South that received weekend snow could experience freezing roadways overnight. Georgia's Emergency Managers ask residents to stay off the roads Monday morning if possible.

Widespread ice and frozen slush should be expected Monday morning, according to the NWS in Atlanta, and could continue through the middle of the week.

Ice glaze, wind gusts as high as 40 mph across higher elevations can be expected in upstate South Carolina, northeast Georgia and western North Carolina, according to the NWS.

Heavy snow through Monday

FOX Weather still forecasts 1-2 feet of snow across the Great Lakes, Upstate New York, Vermont and New Hampshire through Monday. Lake-effect snow will linger into Tuesday.


Snow still to come from the winter storm impacting the Northeast.(FOX Weather)

Sunday recorded record snowfall for the day for both Asheville, North Carolina (10 inches) and the Greenville-Spartanburg Airport, South Carolina (6.1 inches).

More snow and ice totals from the weekend:

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Top ice reports.

The same storm spawned several tornadoes across Florida.

More than 200,000 homes and businesses are still without power with a majority of the outages in North and South Carolina as of Monday morning, according to Outages in New York, Connecticut, West Virginia and Pennsylvania are also being reported in the thousands.

Hazardous road conditions are delaying repairs, according to Duke Energy. As conditions improve later Monday the company said most customers should be restored by the end of the day in South and North Carolina.

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