Winner of Heinz Head Burger Artist contest will receive $25K, condiments for life

Heinz "Head Burger Artist" image.

Calling all burger lovers! And all art aficionados. 

Heinz is searching for its first-ever Head Burger Artist. 

From now until July 19, contestants can enter to not only win the title of Head Burger Artist, but one winner will also receive a grand prize of $25,000, be a consultant on the next Heinz condiment, travel to taste-test the best burger in the United States and receive free Heinz condiments for life. 

"Here at HEINZ, we recognize the magic in making memories on burger night thanks to the way our condiments are used to create unique burger masterpieces," said Ashleigh Gibson, Brand Director at HEINZ. "Through our ‘Art of the Burger’ contest, we are celebrating burgers everywhere, and giving the ultimate HEINZ-adorned burger maker a once-in-a-lifetime experience." 

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To enter for a chance to win the grand prize, Heinz is asking contestants to submit a photo of their burger masterpiece. 

Entrants can visit and must follow the directions. Contestants will also have the option to give a description of their burgers and must provide a name and most importantly, the Heinz sauce should be central to the burger’s theme, according to the contest rules. 

Contestants can choose from seven condiment categories which include ketchup, mustard, mayo, relish, BBQ, flavor combination and freestyle.


Mustard art.

Once participants have picked the category, they can upload a photo of their "full burger masterpiece." 

Judges will determine a winner based on four criteria which include creativity, presentation, build and sauce. 

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All contestants must take into account if the burger is "photo-worthy" and how the burger is assembled to showcase optimal creativity. 

Judges will also be looking at if the build of the burger will "stand the test of time," which in simpler terms means can the burger stand on a plate. And the sauce must be the central component of the masterpiece, according to the contest rules. 

Participants must also be 18 years old to enter, 19 for residents in Nebraska and Alabama, and 21 for residents in Puerto Rico.  

While there can only be one grand prize winner, each week until the end of the contest Heinz will choose one aspiring burger artists who will get a chance to win smaller but exciting prizes such as "pickles pins, a custom denim jacket and burger cooking tools." 

For additional information about the contest, visit