Wife helps save husband's life days after learning CPR

A North Texas woman may have saved her husband’s life thanks to training and good timing.

Bruce Patterson had a heart attack several months ago. A few days before he and his wife, Margarita, had attended a CPR training class at their church.

The couple from the Fort Worth suburb of Bedford signed up for the class just in case anything ever happened. They weren’t expecting anything would – especially not so soon after.

“It kicked in automatically. It was like watching a video in my head. Scream 911. Clear the airway and I immediately started doing that,” Margarita said.

Doctors believe that two-hour basic instruction course was life-saving.

“I talked to several folks, my doctor. If she hadn’t been there I would’ve just went to sleep and died. So thank goodness we did go to that class,” Bruce said. “Everybody’s got a cellphone. Everybody can all 911. But can everybody make a difference and save a person’s life?”

The couple hopes their life-changing story will inspire others to take a CPR class.