Vigil held in rememberance of deadly 2015 tornadoes

It was a solemn ceremony at Rowlett Health and Rehab where two years ago the facility took a direct hit from an EF-4 tornado.

The candle light vigil brought together staffers , first responders, city leaders and others
involved in the aftermath.

120 patients were evacuated from a building deemed too unstable to stay inside
Camilla Croger was director of nursing that night.

"It sounded like a 747 was landing just directly on top the building," said Croger, "Then the glass started breaking and doors slamming and paper flying everywhere and just total chaos hit."

Michael Barnes is one of several staffers who also lost their homes to the storm.

"We had just walked into the house and 20 minutes later the house exploded," said Barnes.
It would turn out to be the deadliest December tornado outbreak in North Texas history.

13 people were killed, including 9 in Garland.

In Rowlett, nearly 1,300 homes and businesses were destroyed.

The city's water tower had to be torn down.

The National Weather Service would conclude that there were a total of 12 tornadoes the night after Christmas 2015.

Two years later, everyone at the vigil Tuesday night remains astounded by the devastation they witnessed at Rowlett Health and Rehab, but amazed and thankful by the lack of serious injury.