Video shows encounter between Benbrook officer, suspected serial killer

Newly-released body camera video shows a suspected serial killer's encounter with a Benbrook police officer.

Just days later, the suspect was shot and killed and a so-called "kill kit" was found in his car.

In the video, the officer is tall, so it's difficult to see much of the traffic stop, but the dialogue between the officer and the suspect, Neal Falls, can be heard.
Falls, 45, was driving through Benbrook last month when he was pulled over for speeding.
Just days after the traffic stop, Falls was shot and killed by an escort , who was possibly his next victim, in West Virginia.

In the Benbrook encounter, Falls sounds unsure about his destination and then admits where he's headed.

“You still live at this same address here in Oregon,” the officer asks Falls.

“Um, nope. I actually don’t know where I'm headed or where I'm going right now,” says Falls. “I don't know where my next stop is.” 

“You just live out of your vehicle?” the officer says.

“’Til I get to West Virginia,” said Falls.

The tan Subaru station wagon with Oregon plates that Falls was driving in Benbrook is the same one police located after he was shot in West Virginia.

Inside, police found a shovel, sledgehammer, bleach, a bulletproof vest, knives, a machete, axes and trash bags.
Benbrook police say the entire stop only lasted eight minutes, and it doesn’t appear Falls was doing anything more than passing through.